Anne Lennie Counselling Stroud, within easy reach of Cirencester & Gloucester

E-J Female Aged 39

‘Anne was brilliant. She was very easy to talk to and very understanding of the issues we discussed. She calmed down my fears by opening up my mind to new thinking, allowing me to make sense of things with a new perspective’.

J Female Aged 43

‘Anne helped me by gently highlighting points, which enabled me to have my own 'lightbulb' moments of clarity. The fact that she let me join the dots for myself, I am sure, ensured a really successful course of counselling’.

J Female Aged 41

'I am an adoptive parent and my therapy sessions with Anne have been extremely helpful in exploring and understanding the issues that have arisen from adopting. The sessions are professional and insightful and are held in a comfortable environment. Thank you very much'.

D Female Aged 70

‘Thank you very much for everything you have done for and with me’.

F Female Aged 20

‘Thank you so much for all your time, support and advice. I will remember and use it forever’.

B Male Aged 25

‘Thank you for helping me through and leaving me more balanced for the future’.

I Male Aged 72

‘I had weekly counselling with Anne through most of 2014. These sessions had the right mix of listening sympathetically to my problems while also stimulating me to think about why various behaviours had developed. I was encouraged to think about something that had come up in the session during the week in between. By the end I had considerably more insight into my problems. Anne also made some practical suggestions for behaviour change.
I am less selfish and stronger mentally and this change has persisted’.

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